Environmentální reporting

Environmental reporting, or disclosure of information about the city environment, municipality or region, but also a company, is an information tool by means of which the city / municipality / region / company voluntarily informs in-groups about their environmental profile. In case of cities and municipalities it concerns their citizens, councilors or officials, in case of companies it concerns their suppliers, competitors or potential customers, etc.

Environmental reporting provides information on impacts which effect the environment, on conditions which are created, as well as on activities which have been carried out in this area. The aim of the reporting is also to improve the environment and mitigate the negative impacts. It's one of the possibilities of environmental communication.

Organization CI2, p.b.c. has been engaged in environmental reporting since the beginning of its activity. The main activities include: 

  • Creating messages (yearbooks) on the state of the environment according to the standards of the methodology.
  • Collection of information and data on the environment and their preparation for publication (in printed or electronic form).
  • Analysis of website of cities and municipalities in terms of sufficient information about the environment. 
  • Co-organizing competition Green for information.