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"We will help you to find an effective solution for assessing the impact of your organization or office on the environment and other areas of sustainable development."

We offer in the area of Carbon footprint

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 For towns, villages and regions

Do you want to know the impact of your town, village, region or your office on the environment? Do you want to promote it in a simple and modern way and show your voters that you are really concerned about these things?

We will, in cooperation with you, determine the carbon footprint of your town, village or region. We will advise you what data are necessary to calculate the carbon footprint , where you can get them, how to carry out the calculation and we will also outline recommendations to reduce the carbon footprint for you.

For companies and offices

Are you interested in your burden on the Earth's climate? Do you want to clearly and quickly determine it?

We offer comprehensive or partial solutions to analysis of carbon footprint of a company, organization, product or service. These include the following services:

  • Initial consultation of your carbon footprint, the possibility of using this indicator in your company, organization, product, event, or at the individual level (free of charge).
  • Calculation and certification of your carbon footprint according to original method ©  or ©billancarbon.
  • Proposal for the process to reduce the carbon footprint.
  • Turn-key solution – such as carbon footprint calculator for your internet presentation, Facebook profile, etc.
  • Marketing use and discussion about results of carbon footprint.


We offer the possibility of organising seminars, workshops or conferences on the following topics:

  • carbon footprint
  • ecological footprint
  • climate change
  • the method of calculating the carbon footprint by © carbonaudit or ISO 14064
  • Reporting of greenhouse gases (GHG), legislative requirements, foreign and domestic experience
  • offsets of greenhouse gases

Offering sheet of the carbon footprint calculattion is here (pdf). 


Determination of greenhouse gas emissions (carbon footprint) of companies / products in accordance with standard ISO 14064

Practical applications



Assessment of the accreditation of verifiers of greenhouse gas emissions according to standard ISO 14065:2008 and Commission Regulation (EU) No 600/2012 and consecutive documents mentioned in MPA 00-02: